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Three Dimensional Designs

Like Sculpture, 3-D was another exciting challenge. With a variety of assignments, I never found myself bored. I feel that most of my best work was created in this class.

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"White Pyramid" (Front View)
Copyright 2005

"White Pyramid" was an idea I had for an assignment called the Paper Project. The Paper Project required students to use only one sheet of any size paper and create an object that would have no openings, plenty of volume, and an interesting shape. "White Pyramid" was created when I tried to turn a triangle into a square. The texture is white string glued to the paper to draw the viewers eye from the base (the square) to the triangle at the top.

"White Pyramid" (Side View)
Copyright 2005

"Reed Kite" (Front View)
Copyright 2005
"Reed Kite" (Side Detail)
Copyright 2005

"White Pyramid " (Top View)
Copyright 2005

This project based on creating a sense of line and volume with the use of reed. I decided that creating a triangle with the reed as well as holding it together with a fourth piece of reed would create the volume I desired. For a sense of line I used water color to draw the eye across the piece. Colored string matching the colors on the reed is holding the reeds together.

"Reed Kite" (Center Detail)
Copyright 2005

More 3D Designs to come soon!