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I found that sculpture was more fun and intriguing than most of the art classes I've taken while at school. Coming up with three-dimensional objects and creating them was more of a challenge to me than drawing or painting.

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"White Shell" (Front View)
Copyright 2005

"White Shell" (Top View)
Copyright 2005

"Green Shell" (Top View)
Copyright 2005

"Pink Shell" (Top View)
Copyright 2005

"White Shell" (Side View)
Copyright 2005

"Puzzle" was created using wood and aluminum poles. The piece was to create line, depth and volume with the use of wood. The piece is 2'x2'x2' and is Gel stained in Georgian Cherry, Java, and White. Each piece has the ability to stand alone as well as within the whole.

"Puzzle" (Side Separated)
Copyright 2005

The first assignment in my sculpture class was to create a mold and cast it. I came up with the design for "Shell" on the spot and was quite pleased with the idea. I cast in regular molding plaster for the original piece and then decided to add food coloring to try something new. I cast two more in green and pink so that the colors would seperate and create an interesting contrast. I also decided to leave the pieces unfinished so that they would look natural and textured.

"Puzzle" (Front View)
Copyright 2005
"Puzzle" (Top View)
Copyright 2005

More Sculpture to come soon!