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Having never worked with Acrylic paints before, I was a little hesitant entering my painting classes. Despite my nerves I ended up feeling very confident holding a brush and a palette and am very pleased with the pieces I've created.

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Copyright 2005

This is an acrylic dyptich, both panels are 12"x12". This painting was derived from a series of images from various college information catalogues. While creating this piece I was overwhelmed by the decision of which colleges I should apply to so that I could continue my education. By painting each option I had the ability to put on canvas what I felt about each college.

Copyright 2005

"Self" was created as a final assignment in Painting 1. The assignment was to paint an obscured self-portrait of ourselves and this was the end result.

"Temple Zen"
Copyright 2006

"Temple Zen" is a 22"x30" acrylic painting. the assignment for this painting was to create a vibrant first layer and then create a neutral layer on top of 40% of the first layer. I decided to choose a Buddhist theme for the semester finding the images of Buddha and the Lotus flower interesting and complex to paint. The bottom layer contains images of Buddha, Koi fish, and Lotus blossoms. The top layer is an abstract reference to the sand in a Zen garden. The texture is created using Coarse Pumice Gel in combination with acrylic paint.

"Lotus Blossoms"
Copyright 2006

"Lotus Blossoms" is an acrylic diptych and both panels are 16"x16". I decided to continue the Buddhist theme with this diptych in which one panel had to be formed of warm colors while the other had to contain cool colors. Also one panel had to be planned ahead of time while the other had to be spontaneous. I felt that the "cool" piece should be the planned piece and the spontaneous piece should be "warm" and impulsive.

More paintings to come soon!