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During my career as a Fine Arts student I was required to work with the human body, especially the bone. One part I have always found fascinating is a person’s hands. I have created a series of works, using pencil, some of which have been collaged together. 

All images when selected will open a new browser window with a larger size of that image.

Copyright 2004

In my Drawing 1 class freshman year at MCC, I was required to draw a full size skeleton.  "Skeletal" is a pencil drawing that focuses more on the shapes within the bones of the skeleton rather then the skeleton itself.

Copyright 2004

"Missing Pieces" was my first attempt at combining words with images. The words in the piece were from a poem called "Skin" I had written in high school that meant very much to me. While drawing "Skeletal" I was reminded of the poem and was drawn to the idea of combining both pieces together. The words are from a section of the poem and the pieces of bone are cut and pasted images.

"All the Parts"
Copyright 2004

This is a Photo Copied collage taken from the images drawn in "Skeletal". I wanted to try something interesting with the abstractness of the images I had created in "Skeletal".

More Drawings to come soon!